SAP FICO (We cover Both Finance and Controlling In-depth )

SAP FICO (We cover Both Finance and Controlling In-depth ) Course Content


About ERP
ERP Overview
ERP Integration with other business process
ERP products in market

About SAP
SAP Overview
SAP Versions
SAP Modules
Industry Solutions
Types of project
system landscape
SAP R/3 architecture
ASAP implementation methodology
career graph
scope as a SAP professional

SAP FI-Overview
SAP FI-Submodules

SAP FI-Enterprise structure
Define company
Define company code
Define Business Area
Define Functional Area
Define credit control area

SAP FI-Basic Global Setting
Define Fiscal year Variant
Define posting period variant
Define Open close posting periods
Define Field status variant
Define Field status Group
Define Document Types
Define number ranges
Define posting keys

General Ledger Define retained Earnings account
Define tolerances for G/L account and employees
Creation of chart of accounts(COA)
Creation Account Groups
Creation Of G/L Master record
Journal Entry Posting
Hold a G/L Document
Park a G/L Document
G/L Reporting
Recurring entry

Accounts Receivable
customer account group
customer master Data
one-time customer master
post a sales invoice
Terms of payment
Document reversal
post incoming payment
Foreign currency invoice
Down payments
posting incoming Payments
Reset AR cleared items
AR Reporting

Accounts Payable
vendor account Group
vendor master Data
one time vendor
Post Purchase Invoice
Post outgoing vendor payment
Outgoing Partial payments
Reset AP cleared items
Automatic Payment program
Terms of Payment
AP Reporting

Foreign Exchange valuation
Foreign currency Invoice
Exchange Rates

Bank Accounting House Bank & Bank master
Bank Reconciliation
cash journal

Asset accounting
chart of depreciation,Depreciation areas
Asset class
Creation of Asset Master data
Acquisition of asset
Depreciation posting run
Asset History sheet
Asset explorer

Input Tax vs output tax
withholding tax

Financial Statement Version
Balance sheet
Profit & Loss account

Integration Integration with MM & SD modules

Management Accounting

CO enterprise structure
operating concern,controlling area,company code,plant
assign company code to controlling area
Assign controlling area to operating concern

General controlling
Maintain control area
activate components for controlling area
Maintain number ranges for controlling documents
Maintain version & settings for Fiscal year

Cost Center Accounting
Introduction To cost center accounting
activate cost center accounting in controlling area
Define standard hierarchy for cost centres
Define cost center categories
Define cost center groups
Create cost centers

Cost Element Accounting
Set controlling Area
Define cost Element groups
Assign cost elements to cost element groups
Define cost element categories
Create primary & secondary cost elements
creations of manual & automatic cost elements

Internal order
Internal orders Introduction
Activate order management in controlling area
Number ranges for order
Define order Types
creation of internal orders

Profit center Accounting
Profit Centre Accounting introduction
create profit centre
create profit centre Group
posting to profit center
Profit centre standard Hierarchy
assigning cost to profit center
assigning materials to profit centre

Profitability Analysis
Overview on product costing
overview on profitability Analysis