SAP Hybris e-Commerce


This course will prepare you to:

  • understand the fundamental technical aspects of SAP Commerce Cloud (on-premise and cloud version)
  • understand how to code within SAP Commerce Cloud platform
  • provide configuration for the SAP Commerce Cloud platform back-end
  • know how to build and deploy your solution to the Cloud
  • know where to get additional information, best practices, and documentation for SAP Commerce Cloud
  • know about SAP Commerce Cloud Developer / business user / product support certification learning path.


  • Developer
  • Developer Consultant
  • Solution Architect
  • Technology Consultant
  • Business Users

Course content:

1.       Introduction Session
Ø  Why SAP Hybris (SAP Commerce Cloud)?

Ø  Hybris eCommerce OOTB Feature

Ø  Installation procedure

Ø  Overview of the Technical Architecture

Ø  Hybris versions and release overview

2.       Setting up Hybris environment on-premise
Ø  Installing Hybris suit

Ø  Eclipse setup and shortcuts to use

Ø  Understanding Hybris console logs with respect to user interface

Ø  Ant commands and usage

3.       Local Extension.xml and property file usage
Ø  About localextension.xml and extension info.xml file

Ø  Hierarchy and difference

4.       Overview on OOTB Extension’s and custom Extension
Ø  OOTBHybris extension and usage

Ø  Creating/Configuring custom extensions

5.       Data modeling
Ø  Introduction to Data Modeling

Ø  About items.xml

Ø  Data modeling Types used in Hybris

Ø  Extending a Type and its relations

6.       Hybris Administration Console (hAC)
Ø  Overview of the Hybris Admin Console

Ø  Usage of different sections in hAC

Ø  Initialization and update

Ø  Import module and Flexible Search

7.       Product Catalog Management
Ø  Product Category creation/management

Ø  Product Catalog creation/configuration

Ø  Base and variant product creation

Ø  Classification attributes

Ø  Price group management

Ø  Catalog aware and synchronization

8.       Import/Export, Flexible Search and Hotfolder
Ø  Import& Export overview

Ø  Data load using csv files through Hot Folder

Ø  Flexible Search usage

9.       Dynamic Model Attributes and Cronjobs
Ø  Overview of Dynamic Model Attributes

Ø  Cronjob usage and management

Ø  Creating new cronjob

Ø  Cronjob Trigger

10.   Content Catalogs Managements(Web Content Management System)
Ø  About Hybris Catalog creation/configuration

Ø  WCMS management

Ø  WCMS component, content slot, page template

11.   Hybris API’s and usage
Ø  REST Web service API’s

Ø  Swagger usage

12.   User group and user management
Ø  User Group management

Ø  Employee Management/creation

Ø  Customer Management/creation

Ø  Access Rights Restrictions Overview

13.   Understanding Commerce and store
Ø  Base Store creation and management

Ø  Base site creation and management

14.   Solr and indexing usage
Ø  About Solr

Ø  Solr Indexing and search

Ø  Solr and search configuration

15.   Accelerator and Extension Module
Ø  Custom Extension use case

Ø  Types of Extension templates

Ø  Addon usage

16.   Order Management System
Ø  OMS Overview

Ø  Process Engine usage

Ø  Different process flows

Ø  Events and actions

17.   Checkout
Ø  Multi step Checkout flow and configuration

Ø  Guest checkout

18.   New features in Commerce Cloud v1905
Ø  Commerce Cloud features

Ø  Difference between on-premise and Cloud environment

19.   Backoffice Cockpits
Ø  Backoffice overview

Ø  PCM Backoffice

Ø  Backoffice Perspectives

Ø  Backoffice Search Perspective

Ø  Promotions

20.   Hybris documentation
Ø  Usage of SAP Help for documentation

Ø  Access to SAP help

Ø  Practice work discussion

Ø  Q & A