SAP Marketing Cloud

Session 1: Introduction session and Marketing overview

  • Introduction and Overview on SAP Marketing Cloud
  • Architecture and its best use case in business
  • Overview on multiple tiles in MC and enabling
  • App finder
  • Quick intro on Setup your marketing solution

Session 2: On boarding and getting started

  • Setup Marketing Solution like Budget planning, Marketing Area, spend management etc
  • Business Roles, Business Catalogs, Business Role Template and Restriction types
  • User Provisioning
  • Implementation Steps
  • User creation in SAP Identity access management for access to MC

Session 3: Understanding Consumer, contact, prospect and account

  • Difference between Contacts, Consumers, prospect and Accounts.
  • Linking Account with Contacts
  • Overview and Key Capabilities
  • Data Model for Interaction Contacts, Interactions, Products and other Interactions
  • Merging Logic
  • Best Practices for Data Sources
  • Custom Fields and Custom Logic

Session 4: Data import and export

  • Template preparation for data load
  • Sample data load and export options
  • Available integration options for data load
  • Log monitoring
  • OData use case
  • Map free text
  • Clean-up activity running jobs

Session 5: Segmentation and Target Groups

  • Overview and Key Capabilities
  • Segmentation Configuration
  • Creating Segmentation Profiles and Objects
  • Target Groups creation
  • Dynamic target groups and live target groups
  • Extensibility in Segmentation
  • Custom Fields, Custom Objects
  • Extensibility in Target Groups

Session 6: product and offer Recommendation

  • Recommendation Overview
  • Architecture and Components
  • Recommendation Algorithms
  • Building a model and scenario
  • Recommendation Algorithm configuration based on Machine Learning

Session 7: Campaign Management

  • Campaign Management Overview
  • Campaign Types
  • Marketing Permissions
  • Triggering sample email campaigns
  • Marketing Areas in Campaign Execution
  • Integration

Session 8: Integration capability with SAP and non-SAP third party systems

  • Communication user, Communication system and communication arrangement setup
  • Different Communication arrangements available
  • Integration using OData or API and Datahub
  • Understanding Origin Id
  • Import authentication certificates

Session 9: Content Studio:

  • Email content studio features
  • Creating email templates and its mandatory fields
  • Types of email templates
  • Setting up Email service provider like Amazon Ses, SAP email server

Session 10: B2B Use Case with an example:

  • Lead Management
  • Lead transfer
  • Score builder
  • Corporate account/ spotlight account
  • Lead Nurture Stream

Session 11: B2C Use Case with an example

  • B2C user journey examples
  • Apps used for b2c flow
  • Integration with third party systems

Session 12: Final session

  • Ref notes to practice
  • PPTs for reference
  • Supporting links on Marketing cloud
  • Marketing Cloud trial tenant details