1. Introduction SAP BTP:

Overview of General tools used during workshop and Platform topics.

  1.  SAP BTP
  2.  Access Provisioning and Roles
  3.  SAP Business Application Studio
  4.  Version Control with GIT
  5.  Creating and Managing Repository
  1. Introduction to CAP

  • 1 Introduction to Cloud Application Programming Model
  • 2 Setting up Development environments for CAP
  1. CDS (Core Data Services) Overview

    Getting Started with CDS.                                                                                           CDS Setup and Tools.                                                                                             Domain Modelling and Model Re-Use

  2. Generic Capabilities and Custom Logic

4.1 Generic OData Capabilities

4.2 Implement Custom Logic

  1. Using Databases with CAP Overview

  • Using Databases with CAP and Deployment
  • Connecting CAP Application to SAP Hana Cloud
  1. SAP FIORI Elements and UI

     6.1. Developing SAP FIORI Applications using UI Annotations

6.2 Developing UI Annotations in CAP

6.3 Localization

  1. Deploy CAP Application to BTP

  2. Authorizations

8.1 Authorizations Concepts in CAP

8.2 Role, Role Collection, Attributes

  1. Testing CAP Applications

9.1 Code Review Tools

9.2 Code Quality checks

  1. Consuming External Services

11.CAP and SAP Build Work zone Launchpad Utilization

11.1 Overview

11.2 Application Deployment

11.3 Authorization

11.4 FLP Shell Plugin

11.5 App Router

  1. Multitenancy with CAP Applications

  2. CAP Application Logging

3.1 Using BTP Application Logging with CAP

3.2 Using Kibana to Analyse CAP Applications

  1. Monitoring CAP Applications on BTP Using Dynatrace

  2. Event Driven Architecture (and Integrate CAP with BTP Event MESH )

  3. Kyma Runtime with CAP