****SAP ABAP on Cloud and RAP (Restful Application Programming Training)***

Unit 1: SAP BTP Introduction

  • Difference between On-premise and Cloud
  • Type of offerings
  • What is Business Technology Platform (BTP)?
  • Setup SAP BTP Trial Account – Developer on-boarding
  • Create your ABAP on Cloud Instance

Unit 2: Create DDIC

  • Introduction to Data Dictionary
  • Creating Structure
  • Understand How to Build
  • Creating Database tables
  • Creating Class for Load Data in Table’s

Unit 3: Create Services Using CDS

  • Introduction to CDS View/Entity
  • Why we Use CDS View
  • Implementing CDS View’s
  • Creating Service using CDS

Unit 4: RAP Introduction

  • History of ABAP on Cloud
  • What is RAP (Restful Application Programming)
  • Flow of Restful Application Programming
  • Types of Scenarios
    • Managed Scenario
    • Unmanaged Scenario
  • Explanation of Flight Data Model
  • Defining Unmanaged Scenario
  • Flow of Development (Unmanaged Scenario)
  • Defining CDS Views

Unit 5: Create Fiori Element App

  • Creating OData Service ( Business Service)
  • Introduction to Fiori Elements
  • Free style v/s Fiori Elements App
  • Developer persona – Fiori Elements
  • What is Business Application Studio
  • Creating List Report Object Page App Using BAS
  • Developing Read-Only List Reporting Apps
  • UI Annotation
  • Adding Search Capabilities
  • Adding Metadata Extension

Unit 6: Behaviour Definition Concept

  • Introduction to Classes
  • Local Types/Classes in ABAP with Global Classes
  • Implementing Class Pool Concept
  • Behaviour Definition Introduction
  • Create Behaviour Definition

Unit 7: Behaviour Implementation

  • Create Behaviour implementation for Unmanaged Scenario
  • Implementing Create, Update and Delete
  • Make field read only
  • Making field Mandatory
  • Add validation to the code
  • On Screen Validation for Managed Scenario
  • Implement Actions

Unit 8: Entity Manipulation Language

  • Introduction to EML
  • Understanding Why we need EML
  • Uses of EML
  • Syntax for EML
  • Implementing EML in Class

Unit 9: Managed Processor App

  • Defining Managed Scenario
  • Use Case for Managed Scenario
  • Describing Functionality of Scenario
  • Creating Data Model
  • Building Behaviour Definition
  • Implementing Processor CDS
  • Building Service definition
  • Creating Service Binding

Unit 10: Actions Determination

  • Implementing the Action createTravelByTemplate
  • Implementing the Action approveTravel
  • Implementing the Action rejectTravel
  • Modeling Static and Dynamic Feature Control
  • Implementing Validations
  • Implementing the Determination

Unit 11: Introduce Draft Features

  • Defining Draft
  • Enable Draft Handling
  • Expose Draft handling to projection Layer
  • Enable Early Numbering for Travel and Booking
  • Understanding Augmentation
  • Integrating augment in Managed Object

Unit 12: Approver Scenario

  • Understand the persona for Approver
  • Implementing Approver projection
  • Annotations for Approver Scenario
  • Behaviour Definition for Approver
  • Service Binding for Approver Scenario
  • Fiori App for Approver

Unit 13: Custom Entity

  • Describing the Concept of Custom Entity
  • Why we use Custom Entity
  • Implement Custom Entity
  • Create Class for Custom Entity
  • Test Custom Entity

Unit 14: Writing Side effects in RAP

Unit 15: Create a SAP Fiori App and Deploy it to SAP BTP, ABAP Environment