SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics and Modeling with Core Data Services (CDS) Views

Unit 1:Introduction into VDM and CDS

1Lesson: Virtual Data Model

1Lesson: The Core Data Services (CDS) Views


Unit 2:Required Tools

Lesson: Prerequisites for using CDS Views

Lesson: Install Exclipse and ABAP for Eclipse

Lesson: Connect ABAP for Eclipse to the S4HANA system


Unit 3:The Data Model

Lesson: The used data model

Lesson: Build a CDS view


Unit 4:Introduction into Annotations

Lesson: ABAP Annotations

Lesson: Analytics Annotations

Lesson: Semantics Annotations

Lesson: ObjectModel Annotations


Unit 5:The Basic View

Lesson: Basic View

Lesson: Build Basic views


Unit 6:The Composite View

Lesson: Composite View

Lesson: Build Composite View


Unit 7:The Consumption View

Lesson: Consumption View

Lesson: Create Consumption Views


Unit 8:CDS Views in BI Tools

Lesson: The Query Browser

Lesson: The KPI Modeler


Building Views in ABAP Core Data Services (ABAP CDS)

  • Working with ABAP Development Tools (ADT)
  • Tools for analyzing existing CDS Views
  • Defining CDS Views
  • ABAP Annotations in CDS Views
  • SQL Expressions and SQL Functions in CDS Views
  • Nested Views
  • Aggregations in CDS Views
  • Additional Join Types and UNION (ALL)
  • CDS Views with Input Parameters
  • Associations in CDS Views
  • CDS View Enhancement
  • Implicit Authorization Checks for CDS Views
  • CDS Table Functions
  • Overview of common use cases for CDS Views