SAP S/4 HANA – EWM Course Content

# Topic Sub-Topic
Session# 01 Topic# 01

Introduction SAP S/4 HANA – EWM

(Extended Warehouse Management)

ð SAP Business Suites

·     SAP R/3

·     SAP ECC

·     SAP S/4 HANA



ð EWM Module Functionalities

·     Decentralized

·     Embedded

Session # 02 Topic # 02

SAP – User Interfaces

ð SAP User Interface (UI)

·     Graphical User Interface (GUI)

o  Launchpad

o  Customization

·     Fiori Apps

o  Overview of SAP Fiori Apps related to Logistics / Supply Chain

o  Transactional Apps

o  Analytical Apps

o  Factsheet Apps

Session # 03 Topic # 03

Technical Aspects of SAP S/4 HANA

ð SAP System Architecture

·     Technical Architecture

·     Landscape Architecture

ð SAP Transaction Codes

ð SAP ABAP Database Tables

ð SAP Configuration Tables

ð SAP Data

·     System Relevant Data

o  SAP Standard Data

o  Development Data

·     Application Relevant Data

o  Customization Data (Organizational & Configuration Data)

o  Application Data (Master & Transactional Data)

Session # 04 Topics# 03

SAP Enterprise Structure

ð SAP Enterprise Structure Overview

ð SAP Enterprise Structure Elements

ð SAP Organizational Structures

ð SAP Organizational Units

·     Client

·     Company

·     Company Code

ð Business Processes

Session# 05 Topics# 04

MM – Organizational Structure

ð MM Org. Structure Overview

ð MM Organizational Levels

ð MM Organizational Units

·     Plant

·     Storage Location

·     Purchasing Organization

·     Purchasing Group

ð Valuation Area (Level)

Session# 06 Topics# 05

SD – Organizational Structure

ð SD Organizational Structure

ð SD Organizational Units

·     Sales Organization

·     Distribution Channel

·     Division

·     Sales Area

·     Sales Office

·     Sales Group

Session# 07 Topics# 06

Logistics Execution

ð Logistics Execution

·     Delivery

·     Shipping Point

·     Loading Point

·     Transportation Planning Point

·     Route

ð Enterprise Structure (EC01)

ð Organizational Levels in MM, Logistics and Accountings

Session# 08 Topics# 07

Warehouse Management

ð Warehouse Management Overview

ð Warehouse Activities

ð Warehouse Types

ð Warehouse Layouts

Topics# 08

Warehouse Management System

ð Warehouse Management System (WMS)

·     SAP WM Module

·     SAP EWM Module

·     Manhattan WMS

·     RedBERRY WMS

ð Advanced Functions

·     Local WM

·     Lean WM

·     Centralized EWM

·     Decentralized EWM

·     Embedded EWM

Session# 09 Topics# 09

EWM – Organizational Structure

ð WM / EWM Organizational Structure

·     IM / WM

·     ERP Warehouse Number

·     EWM Warehouse Number

ð Warehouse Number

·     Warehouse Number Assignment

·     Warehouse Number Control

·     Advanced Functions

·     Number Ranges

·     Graphical Warehouse Layout

ð Storage Type

·     Storage Type Roles

·     Control Indicators

·     Storage Type Group

·     Standard Storage Location Scenarios

Session# 10 ð Storage Section

ð Storage Bin

·     Storage Bin Type

·     Storage Bin Structure

·     Storage Bin Identifier

Session# 11 ð Activity Area

ð Staging Area

ð Work Center

ð Warehouse Door

Session# 12 Topics# 10

EWM – Master Data

ð SAP Master Data Overview

ð Master Data of FICO, SD, WM/EWM, PP, QM, HCM

ð Extend Master Data

ð Block Master Data

ð Delete Master Data

ð Delta Changes in Master Data

Session# 13 ð MM Master Data

·         Material Master

ð Business Partner

·         Vendor

·         Customer

Session# 14 ð EWM Master Data

·     Warehouse Product

·     Supply Chain Unit (SCU)

o  Roles – Owner,  Custodian & Party Entitled to Dispose

Session# 15 Topics# 11

Integration in ERP & EWM Systems

ð Integration overview

ð S/4 HANA Settings

·     Basic Settings for Setting Up the System Landscape

o   Logical System

o   RFC Destination

o   Queue Type

·     Basic Setting for EWM Linkage

o   Configure SAP EWM-Specific Parameters

o   Generate Distribution Model

·     Activate BC Sets

·     Delivery Split

Session# 16 ð EWM Basic Settings

ð Delivery Document Integration

·     ERP Integration

·     Delivery Processing

·     Goods Movement

Session# 17 Topics# 12

Data Transfer b/w ERP & EWM Systems

ð Core Interface (CIF)

·     Integration Model

·     S/4 HANA Objects

·     EWM Objects

·     Configuration

ð Queued Remote Function Call (qRFC)

·     Types of RFCs

·     RFC Destination

·     Distribution Model

·     qRFC Monitor

Session# 18 Topics# 13

ERP and EWM Documents

ð ERP and S/4 HANA Delivery Documents

ð EWM Delivery Documents

·     Document Types

·     Document Category

·     Item Types

·     Item Category

Topics# 14

Storage Control

ð Storage Control Concepts

·         Process-Oriented Storage Control

·         Layout-Oriented Storage Control

Session# 19 Topics# 15

Warehouse Processes

ð Warehouse Request

ð Warehouse Process Type

·     Warehouse Process Category

·     Activity

·     Delivery Priority

·     Control Indicator

·     Warehouse Process Type Group

ð Warehouse Task

·     Product Task

·     HU Task

ð Warehouse Order

·     Warehouse Order Creation Rule

Session# 20 Topics# 16

Handling Unit (HU) Management

ð HU Types

ð HU Structure

ð HU Group

ð Pack Profile

Topics# 17

Packaging Specifications

ð Packaging Materials

ð Packaging Material Types

ð Material Group for Packaging Materials

ð Packaging Material Category

ð Packaging Structure

ð Packing HU Management Pack Specification

Session# 21 Topics# 18

VAS & Deconsolidation

ð Value Added Services (VAS)

ð Deconsolidation

Session# 22 Topics# 19

Inbound Process

ð Inbound Process Overview

ð Inbound Process in Decentralized and Embedded EWM

ð Goods Receipt Process Overview

ð Goods Receipt Process using EWM

ð Availability Groups for Inventory Management

Session# 23 ð Put-away Rules & Strategies

ð Storage Control in Inbound Processing

ð Simple Inbound scenario

Session# 24 ð Complex Inbound scenario

·     Deconsolidation

·     Packing

·     VAS

Session# 25 Topics# 20

Internal Process

(Storage & Operations)

ð Storage

ð Internal Warehouse Movement


Session# 26 ð Stock Transfer

·         Ad-Hoc Movements

·         Replenishment

·         Slotting

·         Rearrangement

Session# 27 ð Posting Changes

ð Initial Stock Entry

Session# 28 ð Physical Inventory Process

ð EWM Physical Inventory Procedures

ð Counting in EWM

Session# 29 Topics# 21

Outbound Process

ð Outbound Process Overview

ð Outbound Process in Decentralized and Embedded EWM

ð Goods Issue Process

ð Storage Control in Outbound Processing

Session# 30 ð Stock / Storage Removal Strategies

ð Simple Outbound scenario

Session# 31 ð Complex Outbound scenario

·     Deconsolidation

·     Packing

·     VAS

Session# 32 Topics# 22

EWM Monitoring & Reporting

ð Overview of Reporting

ð Warehouse Management Monitor

ð Logistics Information System (LIS)

ð Warehouse Reports

Session# 33 Topics# 23

Resource Management & Queue

ð Resource

ð Resource Type

ð Resource Execution Constraints (REC)

ð Queues

ð Queue Types

Session# 34 Topics# 24

Radio Frequency (RF) Frame Work

ð How to use RF Framework

ð Developing new screens in RF

ð Layout Oriented Storage Control

ð ITS Mobile and how to create templates for different mobile devices

Session# 35 Topics# 25

Exception Handling

ð Inbound Operations Exceptions

ð Outbound Operations Exceptions

·         Pick Denial / Handling Differences in Picking

ð Internal Operations Exceptions