Salesforce (Admin and Development)

Module 1.Set up Organization for Users

  • Set up the company profile
  • Configure the user interface
  • Set up activities and calendars
  • Configure search settings

Module 2.Introduction: Model

  • Difference between and
  • Standard and custom objects in Salesforce.
  • Creation of custom object and fields.
  • Different types of filed and usage.
  • Salesforce schema Builder. To create custom Object/fields in two steps only.
  • Tab- Creation, Type, Usage.
  • App (Salesforce Applications)
  • Cloud computing.

Module 3.Object Relationships

  • Relationship between Objects. Master and Lookup.
  • Rollup Summary.
  • Junction Object.
  • Lookup filter

Module 4.Standard objects and relationship between them

  • Accounts & contact. Relationship btw Account and Contact.
  • Account & Assets
  • Opportunity & opportunity product.
  • Product, Price-Book & Price-Book Entry
  • Currency Management
  • Lead and its conversion in Account, Contact and Opportunity

Module 5.Standard Page-Design

  • Manage Page Layout
  • Page Layout and their related list
  • List View
  • Record Type and page layout
  • Home Page Component.
  • Search Layout

Module 6.User Management

  • User creation.
  • Profile Object
  • Permission set
  • Role hierarchy
  • anage Email administration
  • Restrict Login
  • Determine object access
  • Manage record access with the role hierarchy
  • Page layout assignment based on User Profile
  • Group
  • Queue

Module 7. Emails Template and Mass Email

  • Templates, type of Templates
  • Email to Case
  • Manage email administration

Module 8.Automation

  • Set up workflow rules
  • Web to Case
  • Web to Lead
  • Auto Response Rule
  • Validation Rule
  • Assignment Rule
  • Approval Process

Module 9.Security and Data Access

  • Security Settings
  • Security Controls
  • Sharing Settings
  • Field Accessibility
  • Session Settings
  • Network Access

Module 10.Managing Data

  • Import new records using import wizards
  • Update existing records with the data loader
  • Mass transfer records between users
  • Back up data with a weekly export
  • Mass delete records

Module 11.Reports and Dashboards

  • Run and modify reports
  • Create new reports with the report builder
  • Filter reports
  • Summarize report data with formulas and visual summaries
  • Print, export, and email reports
  • Build dashboards

Module 12.Visual force pages and basic Apex

  • Visual force Page
  • Static Resources
  • Custom Label
  • Apex trigger / Types of Trigger/ difference between before and after trigger
  • Triggering Sequence / Recursive Trigger
  • Apex class / Different type of controller
  • With Sharing and Without Sharing Keyword

Module 13.Advance Visual force Page

  • Action Region
  • Action Status
  • Action Support
  •   Action function
  • Action Polar
  • Custom Settings and its type
  • Rendered, reRender and Render As

Module 14.Advance Apex

  • Schedule Class
  • Batch Class
  • Web Services Class
  • Future Class
  • Wrapper Class concept
  • Test Class for Trigger and Classes