SAP BW IP(Integrated Planning) Course Content

Unit 1 : Write Access for Plan Data in BW

Unit 2: PAK: In-Memory planning in SAP BW on SAP HANA Database

Unit 3: The ABAP Planning Modeler

  • Planning Architecture from a Modeling Perspective
  • ABAP Planning Modeler (RSPLAN)

Unit 4: Creation of Simple Standard Planning Function

  • Creation of standard planning functions
  • Selected standard planning functions

Unit 5: Working with Planning Sequences

Unit 6: Planning Enabled Queries

  • Basic Planning Settings in Query Designer
  • Uniqueness of an Input Ready Cell
  • Drill-down properties of the query

Unit 7: Comments and Attribute Planning

Unit 8: Locking of Transaction Data

Unit 9: Creating an Excel front end Application using Analysis for Office

Unit 10: Creating a web front end application using Design Studio

Unit 11: Characteristic Relationships, Navigation Attribute and Data Slices

Unit 12: Aggregation and Dis aggregation in Planning Scenarios

Unit 13: Creation of Advanced Planning Functions

  • FOX Formulas
  • Customer Specific Planning Functions – Type ABAP Exit
  • Customer Specific Planning Functions – Type AMDP Exit (SQL Script based)

Unit 14: Planning with Inverse Formulas