Topic Topics

Topic 1


MDG Data Model & Data Model Extension

A Overview of SAP MDG & Evolution
B Governance Mechanism
C Overview of std. SAP data models(Material , Customer , Vendor , Finance)
D Overview of MDG Technical Framework(USMD Package)
E SAP data dictionary
F Entity type
G Attributes
H Entity Relationship types
I Data model specific structures.
J Extend Mappings (SMT)
K Reuse data model-Custom
L flex data model-Custom
M MDG Std. Data Model Extension Methods + Customer Data Model
N Enhance Standard Data Models – BP(PARTNER),0G,Material(MATERIAL)

Topic 2


UI Modelling

A Floor plan Manger (FPM) Basics
B Linking FPM with MDG
C UI per workflow step
D Configuring the UI as per user defined criteria
E Enhance standard UI – CBA and customizations
F Adding a Step to an Existing Configuration
G Creating a Custom User Interface
H BADIs for UI modelling

Topic 3


Process modelling

A Create Custom CR
B Business Activity
C Configuration based on step types
D Various BADI’s for Process Modelling(USMD_SSW*)
E Editions

Topic 4


Data replication 

A ALE & IDOCs basics
B Data replication Framework (DRF)
C Manual & Automatic replication
D Configuring Data Replication
E flex data model
F Reuse data model
G Value mapping
H key mapping
I Overview of DRF BADI’s

Topic 5


SAP MDG Specific Technical topics

A User exits,BADIS 
B Linking change request UIs to NWBC
C Creating new roles for MDG

Topic 6


Data Quality and Search Configuration

A Validations and derivation 
B Cross entity derivation using ABAP BADI
C Configuring Search and Duplicate Checks

Topic 7



A Search & Duplicate Check in SAP MDG
B Configuring Search and Duplicate Checks

Topic 8


MDG Workflow

A Rule based work flow (RBWF)
B Create change requests, step types, actions and link to RBWF
C Linking rule based workflow to MDG
D Simple Workflow
E Distributed Workflow
F Parallel Workflow with BRF+
G Dynamic Workflow with BRF+
H E- Mail notification
I Overview of workflow BADI’s

Topic 9


Data Transfer 

A Data Import using excel, XML
B Data Export
C Mass Change & upload

Topic 10


Multiple Object Processing

A Processing Multiple Objects in a Single Change Request
B Executing Mass Changes
C Executing Data File Transfers with Multiple Objects
D Processing Master Data Hierarchy Records