Monday, May 20, 2024
Hi Kalyan/Param/Rajendra:
Thanks for your cooperation and getting back to me on my system access and queries.
I have successfully secured a senior position with a leading implementation partner in a Global capacity.
I look forward to stay in touch with guys in the coming batches.
Param – Thanks for the clarifying my doubts on S/4 HANA was a big help in breaking down the overall concept ! You are definitely a valuable asset to the learning community.
Rajendra – thanks for the prompt responses you give every time.
Salman Mohammed

Hi Param, Hope you are doing great. I would like to tell you that I just passed C_HANAIMP151axam with 86%. Thanks to your great teaching skills and support from technical staff, especially from Kotii and Rajendra. Param, You have been one of the best teachers that I have come across, your patience while teaching is unmatched to any i have seen. I will send later detail email with points that can help fellows associats who want to appear for the exam Thanks again. Regards, Nikunj

Nikunj Thakur

HI Param/Kalyan, I cleared by HANA certification exam last week. Thanks a lot for providing excellent training. I really liked the professional approach in which you guys organised/conducted training. Regards, Sadiq


Param was a great instructor ,very knowledgeable in Big data /HANA area and willing to help. I found the SAP HANA certification material very applicable and got much more out of the class than I expected !! I really appreciate Kalyan’s support for old students about updating latest releases & course materials. Keep up the good work !! ..


Hi Param, Kalyan and the team of Teche, I am very happy to inform you that I have done it with 93%. This course helped me hundred percent to achieve this. I’d like to thank one and all to help me out for the same. @Param: You are simply awesome! I have never had such an quality training before. Thanks and Regards, Prasad

Prasad Damoder

Hi Kalyan/Param, This is to let you know that I have cleared the SAP HANA Certification (C_HANAIMP141) yesterday. I had 96% at the end. It was a tough test, but it all ended well.

Joel Uzibor

I am pleased to inform you that I have got my SAP SAP HANA application associate certification (C_HANAIMP141) cleared today with 96%. Thanks for your training and cooperation to achieve this milestone in my life. Kind Regards, Anthony

anthony addo

Hi Kalyan, I cleared HANA certification last week. I would to do some hands on practice now, could you let me know how long the system access is available? I attended batch 73. Thanks, Ravi.


Hi Param and Kalyan Team, Thanks for all your help. I have passed the associate exam with 68% score. Regards Tasneem


Hi Kalyan, I would like to thank you and Param for helping me pass my Hana Application exam with 81% passing percentage. I am now looking for placement assistance. Would you able to direct me to someone who can help me find a gig?


Hi Param, Kalyan & Team, I would like to convey to you guys that I have passed my certification exam and your training had a big role to play in it! @Param, you impart training like a Zen master! Serene & informative! Regards, Sid


Hi Parm and Kalyan, I would like to inform you that I have completed SAP HANA certification and scored 91%, I would like to thank you all for your help and assistance. Thanks, Gaurav

Gaurav Agnihotri

Hello Kalyan and Param, I am glad to inform you that I have got my SAP SAP HANA application associate certification (C_HANAIMP141) cleared today with 99%. Please find attached exam center test result. Kalyan – you have got an excellent model of training and education. I will inform my colleagues in Fujitsu to take advantages of various courses offered in Techetraining. We definiyely get more quality training here than SAP’s own online trainings. We get better ROI here in Techetraining that SAP for online courses. Now one request, could you please send me any kind of receipt/invoice for the course fee I paid so that i can get that reimbursed from my account payable. Param, I guess it is you because of whom this training module is so successful at Techetraining. I really liked the way you balanced theoretical and practical/hands-on in all sessions. additionally your extended offline help though email communications is worth mentioning. Please keep up this good work and keep educating us. Thank you. Regards, Sujoy

sujoy dey

Hello Everyone, I am glad to let you know that I successfully completed my SAP HANA certification on Saturday. Param, I want to thank you for the excellent work you did training us. I remembered all your points where you said they would be certification or interview questions. About half of those were on the exam. Kalyan, you have put together a very good model to deliver the training. Your organization has the best trainers (remember that I went through 3 courses during Jan & Feb) and support personnel. I cannot say enough about Sai who was always there for support. Kotti and Kanthi were also very supportive. Thank you for putting this together. Helped me a lot. 1 down and 2 more to go (BoBJ and BODS). Param, after I finish these 2 certifications, I am going to join your Hadoop class. Thanks once again everybody. Ashwin

Ashwin Panchal

Hi Kalyan, I am glad to inform you that I have cleared my SAP HANA Certification on 2nd June 2014. I would like to thank Param and TechETraining Team for their wonderful support( Sai, Koti and Kanthi) and guidance given while preparing for the Certification. @Kalyan: Thank you very much for extending the server access time. Thanks & Regards, Ravindra

Ravindra Konduru

Hello Kalyan and your excellent Team, I wish to thank you and your team for the wonderful support extended to me while I was preparing for the certification exam. I passed the SAP HANA Associate exam with 96 %.


Dear All, I am glad to inform you that I have cleared my SAP HANA Certification few days back and got 86% of overall score. I would like to thank Param and TechETraining Team for their wonderful support and guidance given while preparing for the same. Thanks & Regards, Suresh

Suresh Mandalapu

Hi Param, I cleared the HANA Associate certification exam with 93%. @Param: Thank you so much for the qualitative training and the study materials. @Kalyan: Thank you very much for all your help and support; thank you also for extending the server access time for me. @Techetraining staff: Thanks a million for the timely support. You guys rock! Kind Regards, Ben

Ben osasona

Hi Param/ Kalyan, Thank you for excellent training and support. Today I cleared HanaTech Certification with 81% this is good achievement for me with all your help and support Thanks —- Ather

ather ismail

Hello Param/ Kalyan I am happy to inform you that I have cleared my SAP HANA ASSOCIATE certification with 100% on Data Provisions and business content and 92% in Reporting sections. Now need to work more on Security and data modelling part. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Param for his valuable guidance and tips throughout the training. Big thank you to all of you Techetraing staff for their support for server access and study material. Thanks and Regards Sarika

sarika gattawar

Hi Kalyan , I’m glad to inform you that I’ve cleared SAP HANA Certification with 97%. Thanks for your wonderful timely support & guidance. Special Thanks to Param, It’s really wonderful to have a mentor like you. Whole Tech E Training staff, You guys are well organised & awesome. — Thanks, Kiran

Kiran Salikireddy

Hi Kalyan, Today I have taken the HANA Application Associate Exam and passed. Thanks for your Quality Training . Convey my regards to Mr Param for his excelleent expertise . Thanks.

Mridul Das

Hi Kalyan/Param, I am happy to inform you that I have passed SAP HANA Certification with 72%. Kalyan, thanks for your wonderful support & guidance. Thanks to Param for excellent training & training material. Thanks to Koti & support team for timely resolving server issues. Thank you so much. Thanks Atul

Atul Khare

Hi Kalyan, Today i passed HANA certification with 98%. I thank you for mentoring me, and guiding me new things that I needed to know. Param: Thank you so much for the excellent training . I met Kalyan in my India trip and I hope I get to meet you in the near future. Koti: Thank you for your support and please keep in touch. Thanks Raju

Raju Kalidindi

Hello Kalyan, I have cleared my Hana Application Associate certification exam with 90%. Would personally thank Param, yourself and the entire Tech E Training team for providing all the needed facilities to review the sessions conducted by Param. It was very effective. Also, Kalyan thanks for being patient in times when I needed the Hana server access to practice. I really appreciate the team efforts. Once again kudos and all the best to Tech E Training !!!!! Thanks, Rohit

Rohit Parti

Hi Kalyan, I would like to let you know that I have cleared my HANA certification with 98%. I don’t think it is possible with out Param’s training and your extended support from system stand point. Thank you. Thank a lot. Regards Raju

raju dakoju

Hi Kalyan & Param, I am happy to tell that i have cleared HANA application certification. Param Sir: thanks alot for the wonderful training. Most of the questions in the exam were direct from the training itself. If we just concentrate on that i will be very easy to clear the exam. Thanks alot for the support provided from the support team for answering all my questions and thanks alot kalyan for your guidance. Regards, Divya.

divya vurimi

KALYAN,. I have cleared SAP HANA APP associate certification yesterday with 87%. Thanks for all your prompt response on server access, tutorial etc. and excellent guidance from Mr. Param. Exam was quite tough but after having through training from Param, I was able to clear it in first attempt. I really appreciate support from entire Tech E Training team for all their support through out my training. Special thanks to my project manager Naga Srinivas for referring Tech E Training for SAP training.

Hardik Butala

Hi All, Glad to inform you that I Passed the SAP HANA Administration exam successfully with 85 % Today. Exam was so tough but after the training I had spent lots of night memorizing course topics. Thanks, Shoaib


Dear Kalyand and Param, I sat for my Hana certification exam this morning and I scored 91%!!! Kalyand, thank you so much for the wonderful support you provided through this process; very much appreciated. I thanked David for linking me up with you, you are the best man! Param thank you so much for the excellent training you are the best! I hope I get to meet you both in the near future. The exam was quite tricky, but all in all, everything Param covered in class was touched upon (business content, provisioning, modeling, security and reporting). Thanks once again guys, I am sure I’ll be talking to you guys soon. Cheers Jide

jide okediji

Kalyan, I am happy to announce that I have cleared my HANA certification (80%). I just finished this morning it took only 90 mins. I am very thankful to you, Param and koti. Rajendra.

Nara Raj

Param, Kalyan and Team I am happy to announce that I have cleared my HANA certification (78%).. I am very thankful to you Param, especially, for your constant guidance and advise; Kalyan, for extending post training lab access without which I wouldn’t have had a chance to review those topics again. Really appreciate all your help. kind regards

Vani vedula

Hi Kalyan & Param, I am happy to inform you that I completed my SAP HANA certification exam today and passed with 90%. Thanks so much Param, Kalyan,Koti and entire techetraining team for your support through out the training and support period. I have seen lot of tricky questions which were not able to answer directly and need some practical experience in all the areas. Special Thanks to Param for your brilliant dedicated training !!!!!!!!!! Thanks & Regards, Nalinikanth

Nalinikanth Gunuganti

Hello Everyone, Glad to inform you that I cleared the HANA 1.0 Application Consultant Certification yesterday. Thanks to you all for the timely support and the great quality training from Param. I thought the exam was pretty tough (even though I felt I prepared really well, I scored only 76%). It goes without saying that practice on the system for several days is a must to clear this. Thanks again to all of you for providing the materials and the systems! Some feedback for Param: Firstly, please accept compliments for the superlative training experience you have provided.Your pace was easy to follow, the content was presented very clearly and was obviously well supported by your vast experience and the materials provided. Kudos! About the exam now…The questions and the options are very confusing (this is not news, right? ) Some questions that stumped me were: 1. Performance Optimization, especially combined with performance on BOBJ tools. The exam had several questions to the tune of “If a Bobj report is running slow, what could be wrong, where can you check the traces, what can you do to optimize, where would you apply filters/joins..”. While I knew basics of this, the options had me super confused. Touching upon these details during sessions would be great. 2. BODS: There was detailed questions about data transformation in BODS (query, script..) and creating ABAP data flows. I knew what these are, but just this was not enough to confidently answer. I guessed a lot in the BOBJ area. They showed a screenshot of a report and wanted to know what tool generated it. It was a bar chart with some tabs..didn’t look like explorer or dashboard…I could not tell if it was WebI or Crystal… Should have spent more time on BOBJ in the system. 3. BW on HANA: A question was about where would you configure datasource objects? Steps for BW on HANA migration. We discussed the 2 steps in class (upgrade to NW7.3 and migrate DB to HANA)..there asked for 3 correct options. the third one turned out to be run the report RS_BW_POST_MIGRATION ..this was guesswork which was fortunately correct. I am sure there is a big migration checklist and they could put anything in there as an option. There were many other confusing questions in modeling (2 joins for 1 attribute view on the same field and such) …But the conclusion remains that – they expected very detailed knowledge of some advanced topics, even though TZHANA/HA100/HA 300 just barely touches them. If you would just indicate this in the sessions, people can plan their preparation accordingly to include a lot of self study because reading course materials and practice is not enough. I did a lot of additional reading on SCN and various blogs,,,, all PPTs….which helped answer some questions. I felt lost on the BOBJ side, there is so much that it is hard to sift through manuals for every tool there is (this of course does not apply to others who are familiar with this topic). I hope this insight is useful for future sessions / exam attempts. Best Regards Jayasri

Jayasri Varyani

Hi guys, I have successfully completed the HANA Application Consultant certification exam today. Good luck to those that are preparing for the certification exam. My sincere thanks to Param for the effective training and thanks to the responsive TechEtraining group. Regards, Logan

Logan U

Hi Kalyan/Param Today I have successfully completed the “HANA Application Consultant” certification. I want to thank you and the entire support team for helping me throughout the training period. The training sessions are very interesting and helpful. I will definitely refer my friends to the “TechETraining”. Thank you

Sathish Sandu

Hi, I have completed my SAP HANA Application Associate certification yesterday. Thank you Param for your insightful coaching and Thank you Kalyan, Ravi, Koti, Ganesh and folks at TechE for your support during SAP HANA learning process. Regards, Ravi

Ravi E

Hi Param/Kalyan, I have completed my certification on HANA Application Associate Today with 100% . Param : I am extremely thanks full to you ,eventhough you are in emergency situation you still answered my questions I will never forget this support.Because of your motivitation I have made this attempt. Kalyan: Sincere thanks to you , you have given me chance to attend the classes and extended the HANA practice system for the second time with out thinking about fees or any monetory gains. Ravi: Special thanks to ravi on his support specially on gathering information and supporting all times required.

NagaSrinivas Dandu

Hi Param/Kalyan/Ravi/Ganesh/Koti, Last day I have cleared my HANA Certification with 99%. Param: Thank you so much for the Energetic sessions. Kalya/Ravi/Ganesh/Koti : Thank you for the background support. Thanks


Hi Param/Kalyan, Just wanted to let you’ll know that I have cleared both my HANA certifiation exams – Application Associate and Technology Associate. I wanted to take this moment to thank you for the exceptional training delivered spot on. Thanks to Ravi and Kalyan for organizing the training and being there all the time. This has been an tremendous online training experience for me and can’t thank you’ll enough. Keep rolling… Regards Azim


Hi Kalyan & Param : I completed the Hana certification with high scores having finished the training 2 weeks before. Param , Thanks a lot for excellent training you gave with such a patience (to clear all our doubts and to repeat again and again as we requested) ..You r the best instructor with big knowledge about HANA. Special thanks to Kalyan and Ravi for such a good organizers with very prompt services….You call and your work done ..:) Had excellent experience with your training.. regards Rachna

Rachna U

Hi Param/Kalyan/Ravi/Ganesh/Koti, I have sucessfully completed the SAP HANA certification exam. I really appreciate Param’s excellent well versed training and Kalyan’s well organised training program. Param, You teaching style reminded me of my professors in my master program. You make understanding HANA easy! Kalyan & Team, Thanks for the communications, keeping the Servers running and resolving issues in a timely manner. You guys have a special training program, keep up the good work. I will stay in touch. thanks


Hi, I passed my HANA application associate certification exam with 82%. Thanks to Param, Ravi, Kalyan, Ganesh and Koti for your support and dedication. Thanks.

Raten Role

Gentlemen. I took my certification this morning from the Dallas ETC center and happy to inform you that I cleared the certification just an hour ago. The exam looked somewhat tough to me though since not a single question was asked directly , but since I did the practice well after Param’s each class, this gave me some insight on how questions can be twisted and turned which helped me to clear this certification. @Param, Thanks for your detailed level of training provided to us.From the logistics support, I also thank Ravi/Koti and Ganesh. @Kalyan…Thanks to you for reaching me and pushing me to get to the certification… My next priority is to get certified in BOBJ, which I will do after returning back from Vacation. Thanks and Regards Narayan(Senior SAP ABAP Technical Consultant).

Narayan Sunkara

Hi Kalyan & Param : I sucessfully completed the Hana certification exam on Friday having finished the training the week before. Param , Thanks a lot for excellent dedicated training with patience (to clear all our doubts and to repeat as we requested) to the level of making us successful in the certification exam. last session you helped to clear lot of my doubts with so much patience -Thanks a lot. Ravi, thanks for the support to have the system up and running and for helping with fixing the issues. My friend recommended me for this training and i have had a wonderful learning experience with this training and would for sure recommend for others. Kalyan, Please it will be great if you can keep me posted of any HANA openings which come up. Thanks!

Shalini Sekar

Hi Param & Kalyan, I passed the SAP HANA certification today. Thanks for your training and support. Thanks Kalyan for advising me to go for the HANA certification exam. I would also like to Thank Ravi for all the help he offered.

Vijay Kishore

Hi Param/Kalyan/Ravi I just took HANA certification exam today. I aced it with 100%. The exam looked so easy after listening and Practicing Param’s Sessions, it took only 45 minutes to finish 3 hour exam šŸ™‚ Thanks Param for your excellent and through training and coaching for the test. Thanks Kalyan and Ravi for your behind the scene support šŸ™‚ I would definitely recommend Techetraining classes to people around here in Dallas. Kalyan/Param, please let me know if you have some HANA projects in the US (or India also) and send me any requirements if you come across Thanks Lavanya

Lavanya Muppirala

Kalyan & Param..I would like thank you for a providing detailed training on SAP HANA. The training classes, materials, case study, hands on exercises & questions/answers session was very close to real time projects. Kalyan Ā Special thanks to you for allowing me re-attend training sessions & giving me access to HANA systems even after 4 months of my original training classes. I would definately recommend everyone to attend Param’s training sessions if you are interested in building a career in SAP HANA.


Kalyan, I passed the exam. Thank you so much for the co-operation and help in the last minute as well. Param, Thank you so much for the excellent training. Thanks,

Ramana Murty Korada

Hi Param & Kalyan, I am very happy to inform you that I have cleared my HANA exams. Thanks a ton! for all the training and support that I received from you. I would also like to Thank Ravi for all the help that he offered. Last, but not least, all fellow trainees for asking those important questions in the class. Also, all previous certified people for guiding with their experience. Thanks a Lot! — Regards, Shiva


Kalyan, I have completed my certification today with 80%. Thanks to you, Ravi and Param for your support. Best Regards, Yogi

Yogiraj Yadav

Kalyan, I have completed my HANA certification and got 99%. This is all because of the way you guys trained and took care of the students. I really appreciate the way Param teaches the classes. I studied exactly what Param taught in the training class.( TZHANA and TZ300 are the main source of the questions.). Param thanks a lot for excellent teaching and helping me whenever I have questions. You covered everything which is required for certification. Last but not least ” Ravi Shankar “, you helped me whenever it is needed. Overall your team is a great and dedicated for student’s success.Keep rocking. Thanks, SIVA.


Hi Kalyan, I am happy to inform that I have cleared HANA application associates certification. My special thanks to Param, Kalyan and Ravi for all the support. Thanks,

chetana G

Hi Param / Kalyan, At last I had the time to give SAP HANA Certification and I have got through with 90%. Param : I really appreciate the way the course has been conducted with a perspective to acheive certification as well as Technical Expertise. I have gone through TZHANA , TZH300 and the New Material HA100. Your Videos Related to Course Contents were very useful and If i have to give any suggestion to the Current batch who wants to go for a Certification , I would suggest everyone to pay more attention to your videos where you can answer 50% of the Questions. Close to 40% are direct Question’s from HA100. For me Question’s related to BODS were little confusing where I used permuation and combination in eliminating the odd once ( GRE Experience šŸ™‚ ) There were no Question’s on the New Topic’s ( DXC and Flat File Upload ) which were included in Release 28 SPS04. I would like to Thank Kalyan for the help he has extended during the Course. I would like to thank Janakiram and Narendra for giving their valuable inputs regarding Certification. Thank You.

Roberts K

Hello Param, Its my immense pleasure to let you know I got 100% score on application associate exam. I just finished 45 minutes back. I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart with your training and certification guidance while you conduct classes. Ravi/Kalyan : All I can say is you have a major part in my success with providing all materials and guidance. Have a nice weekend. Boni.


Hello Param/Kalyan; I passed the SAP HANA Technical Associate exam yesterday and I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Param for providing excellent training and guidance merged with real world implementation experience. Also wanted to thank KALYAN and Ravi for providing all the training materials and prompt support. I highly recommend this training program for anyone who wants to get trained in SAP HANA. Thanks again.

Abdul Najimudeen

Hi Param & Kalyan, I passed the SAP HANA certification today. Thanks for your training and support.


Hi Param/ Kalyan, I have passed the HANA exam with 78% Param, it wouldn’t have been possible without your help. Thanks once again.


Hi Kalyan, Thanks for the class and advising me to go for the certification exam. I took exam on Friday and passed. Thanks to Param for excellent coaching and your team for the helping in many occations. — Thanks, Janakiram

Janakiram Mandadi

Hi Kalyan, I would like to share a Good News, I have cleared my HANA Certification today. The breakup of the questions topic wise 1. Business content : 6 2. Data Provisioning : 15 3. Reporting : 15 4. Modeling : 24 5. Optimization : 8 6. Security and Administration : 12 I would recommend the Consultants going for certifications would be 1. Follow Param classes and read the Material provided by him carefully. 2. Practice more. 3. Prepare for the Tricky Questions and also Tricky Answers. 4. Read TZHANA Compulsory. 5. Analyze the HANA concepts and try to relate with Real time Business. Thanks Param for the Guidance. Thanks,

Chiranjeev Rao

Hello Kalyan and Param, Am certified in HANA v1.0 SP4 with 81%. Thanks Param for your excellent coaching. It was good. Thank you so much Kalyan, ravi and basis team for all your support. Thanks to all my friends in cc for making sessions so interactive. Cheers.


Dear Param and Kalyan, I passed the HANA exam last Friday. Thank you very much for your training, help and support! Cheers!.

Param Rajamanickam

Hi Param/Kalyan, Got through the certification!!! It was very tough, i would say, with very few direct questions. Mostly the answers were very twisted, questions had to be analysed thoroughly to understand the exact content. As you know Param, it was quite a struggle to get the approval for taking up the exam with sap india. Anyways, all went well!!! Thankyou very much for helping me through with the training and providing a good understanding of hana. Thanks again, Benly.


Congratulations Param and Kalyan. Just wanted to thank you both, ESP Param, for an enlightening course on HANA, I have also cleared the certification lately with 78%. Thanks to his teaching and clarifications to my questions, despite hard travel I could pass the cert exam with barely 6-7 hours of preparation. Thanks a lot! Srini

Srini Ravula

Hi Param/Kalyan/Ravi, Today, I could completed the HANA certification successfully from Atlanta (Pearson Vue). Thank you very much for all the help you all extended. Warm Wishes, Suresh.


Param, Kalyan, I was able to clear the certification test yesterday. Thank you for your assistance! As the other students mentioned the test does requires 64% to pass and the topics were distributed as follows: Data Provisioning: 15 Reporting: 13 Data Modeling: 27 Optimization: 11 Security:8 Business content: 6 Having said that the majority of the questions were from what we discussed in the class and the study material. All other topics were mostly from the course material. RajĀ .

Raj Juttukonda

Hello All, I got the monkey off my back now, but alas! I have to deal with an Orangutan now (getting a gig in HANA). As far as my input goes, it is pretty much the same as what you have been getting from other folks who have cleared the certification. Naren.

Narendra Jillellamudi

Hi Param, Kalyan , Technogence Team.. Wanted to let you all know that i cleared the certification test today scoring 83%. Thank you all for your assistance . My recommendation to future consultants : 1) to Read every line of the document Param has provided as a part of the training program, 2) Definitely get hands on as much as one can and try the exercises in the document 3) and a supplemental reading – Read TZHANA..

Mohammed shabir

Hi Param. U r Hana teaching is excellent.


Suchitra KrishnaMurthy

Hi, I am writing to inform you all that I passed my HANA exams yesterday. In all, everyone who took Param’s training and read through the materials should be able to pass with ease. Thank you Param once again for teaching the course. George.



HI Param/Kalyan, I cleared by HANA certification exam last week. Thanks a lot for providing excellent training. I really liked the professional approach in which you guys organised/conducted training. Regards, Sadiq Shaikh


Today i cleared Hadoop CCD-410 exam. It tooks some time to practice the programs and Rushabh teaching is excellent.

Rajpal Marpu

Hi Kalyan, Rushabh and Team, I have cleared the Hadoop developer certification today…. Thanks to Rushabh you are such a awesome teacher. — Thank you .

Moheimenul Islam

Hi Rush, Kalyan, Mahesh and team, I have cleared Cloudera Hadoop developer certification last Saturday with 83%. Thanks for organized the wonderful class. Jing

Jing Cruz

Rushabh, Kalyan and Team; I have cleared Cloudera Hadoop Developer Certification with 85% score. Thanks a bunch to Rushabh for sharing knowledge and forwarding required material for preparation. Thanks a bunch to Kalyan and team for very well organized training. This team rocks!!!!! Yippeyyyyyyyyy Rudra Tak Cloudera Hadoop Certified DeveloperĀ .


Hi All, I have cleared the Hadoop developer certification.Special thanks to Kalyan,Rushabh and Team.


Hi All, I have cleared Cloudera Hadoop developer test today Appreciate your help in this. Thank you all – specially Rushabh ! With best wishes Pavas

Pavas Garg

Hi, I have cleared the Hadoop developer certification today…. Thanks to Rushabh and the entire team. Thanks..

v shankar

Hi, I cleared my Cloudera certification for Hadoop Developer with 88%. Thanks for the support you provided. regards, vaikund

Vaikundamurthy Subbaraman

Hi Rushabh/Kalyan, I took the Coludera Hadoop developer test and passed in that. Thanks for your support. Thanks, Sharath

sharat jakku

Hi Kalyan/Rushabh On Thursday (24/10/2013) I have cleared the Cloudera Hadoop Developer exam.Thank you so much for the training and being such good mentor. Thanks & Regards Digvijay

Digvijay Singh

Hello Rushabh and Kalyan, Today I cleared Cloudera certification for CCD-410 with 85%. The material and guidance provided by Rushabh was very helpful. Kalyan – thank you very much for helping me out with this. Also thank the support team especially Mahesh who has been very helpful. Thanks Venkat

Venkat E Rao Kanagala

Hi Rushabh/Kalyan, I just wanted to let you know that I successfully Pass the Cloudera Certification for Hadoop Developer. I would have not been able to do it without your help. Rushah, your Hadoop Materials and Training are Top-Notch: thank you very much for your advice and training. Thank you very much Kalyan for contacting me for the Hadoop Training. Best Regards, Neptune

Neptune Michel

Hello Rushabh and Kalyan, I have successfully passed CCD-410 ceretification exam with 87%. Thanks Rushabh for the guidance. The questions were easy and it came from the training materials and from the dump questions that you had provided. Thanks Tech-e-training group for helping me out. — Thanks & Regards, Saumitra

Saumitra Das

Hi Kalyan/Rushabh, Today I have cleared the Cloudera Hadoop Developer exam. Thank you so much for the training, I can say below 3 words. 1. Quality Training 2. Great Material 3. Excellent coordination Thanks, Suresh

Suresh Malepati

Dear TechEtraining,

I’m glad that I had theĀ  S4 HANA Simple Logistics and Procurement training from TechE. Our faculty Chandra covered the topics in time and had the class start on time every single day. His knowledge in SAP S4/HANA space is broad and wish to thank him for giving the industry scenarios. Your team is amazing and also thank them for the support they offered even during the night calls.
I will recommend this program to my other colleagues as well.

Best Regards,

NarasimulaĀ Prashanth

Dear TechEtraining,

You guys are amazing team, A Great Faculty Chandra with a very broad knowledge in SAP S4/HANA space, a Great support team ready to support 7/24. Kalyan, I love your S4/Hana Simple Logistics training, with your help I am able to complete my S4 HANA Simple Logistics in Procurement successfully.

I will recommend this program to my other colleagues as well.

Thank you for all your help.

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