S4HANA Overview:

1 What is S4 HANA
2 S4 HANA as Digital Core
3 S4 HANA Intellignet Enterprise
4 HANA / SOH /S4 HANA / Evolution
5 User Experience& Fiori
6 SAP Activate , SAP JAM , Best Practices
7 S4 HANA Adoption
8 S4 HANA Conversion
9 Best Practices
10 HANA database and appliance


1.S4PR1 -S/4HANA Enhancements to Processes in Procurement
2.S4LG1 -Innovative Logistics Processes in SAP -S/4HANA Enterprise Management
3.MRP Live
4.Material Leger Concept
5.BP Configurataion
6.P2P Cycle on Fiori
7.Analytical aps in Fiori
8.Query Browse in Fiori
9.Embeded warehouse Intro
10.Ariab and S4 HANA inegration
11.Light House Scenarios explanation
12.BRF+ For PO
13.Data Model Simplification in MM