Executive Program on S4 HANA Content

Duration 8 Hours

What is HANA and S/4 Hana

Difference between ECC and S4 HANA

Can we not live with ECC

What are Business Challenges to Business in
Digital word and Answers through S4 Hana

New Features of 1809 / 1709

What is New Agile Methodology – SAP
Activate – How this is different from ASAP

What is New GUI Fiori

How the Embedded Analytics help decision

New Feature in SD

New Features in FI

New Features in MM

New Features in PP

Data Model simplification

How to Size new System in the memory : Sever

New Solution Manager 7.1 Features

What is HANA data base feature

What is Intelligent Enterprise

Details on Embed warehouse

Details on PPDS

What is BRF +

Ariba Integration with S4 HANA

What are KPI and How KPIs are Managed in S4

Lumria and its usefulness

How to Move on to HANA

Whether Cloud is cheap and easy to move on

MRP live

How to handle Data Migration

System demo for 2 Hrs on Fiori